About me

Hi, I am Lucelle, Computer Engineer by profession but  foodie and entrepreneur by heart, at the moment I am a full-time mother, who loves to cook, create unique and simple recipes for my family and friends. I started cooking when I was 7 years old and  I had been passionate about it since then.

Aside from creating unique recipes, gourmet meals and baking, I also love creating designers cake, from ganache,  boiled icing,  buttercream,  fondant to designing and building cake’s 3D internal gravity structures.


I want to share this site to every aspiring entrepreneur, food lover and stay home mom’s out there, who want to pursue their dreams but don’t want to leave their kids at home.

Being a full-time mother and at the same time, an entrepreneur is never easy, If you have a family, make sure they understand the emotional and financial sacrifices business success requires. When your family doesn’t support your business—if they’re always saying, “Can’t you leave that alone and come to dinner?”— every now and then your name is being called for “this and that” — It’s going to be tough to make your business work. It is important that your family is ready for you to become an entrepreneur, family support is very important.

I made this blog hoping, that in it you’ll find insights, Inspiration, tips, and ideas to help you build your own dreams in the business world, whether it’s going to be an online shop or home based business, who knows that one day, I might find myself by chance, among the crowd who’s dying to order food from you, or among the ones who’s patiently waiting in line to get in your shop.


Understand that many people around you won’t encourage you, some will even discourage you to pursue your entrepreneurial journey. Some will tell you they have your best interests at heart; they just want you to see the reality of the situation. Some will envy your courage; others will resent you for having the guts to actually do something.  You can’t allow these naysayers to dissuade you to stop your journey before it even begins.

“Believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable”

” Life is Tough… and so am I ” —  Lucelle

4 thoughts on “About me”

  1. Thank you for this post very encouraging! Would love to connect with you for further information. Your spirit is positive and I love it. We my husband and I just started our home based catering business and would love your help!

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