Singapore Foods That Will Be Big Across The Globe

The Singapore’s top chefs give us their predictions on what’s going to heat up the dining scene in the coming year 2017-2018

Singapore’s Food That Will Be Big across The Globe

The Singapore’s top chefs give us their predictions on what’s going to heat up the dining scene in the coming year – 2017-2018

Andre Chiang, chef-owner of Restaurant Andre
“More young Asian chefs who are creating new and very cool interpretations of local cuisine. I call this approach “European soul, local blood”, meaning that local ingredients are cooked European style.”

Ryan Clift, chef of Tippling Club and Open Farm Community
“The ability to cultivate sustainable urban food sources to help diners build a more mindful relationship with the food they consume.”

Janice Wong, chef-owner of 2am: dessert bar and a flagship restaurant at the National Museum of Singapore

“Botanics. It is currently trending in Japan and I hope Singapore will adapt to it as it celebrates fresh ingredients and farming.”

Beppe De Vito, founder of ilLido Group (behind restaurants like Aura and Braci) and illido at sentosa.

“Vegetables as the main ingredient of a dish. They will no longer be merely a side dish or an accompaniment to meat or seafood.”

Violet Oon, chef-owner of Violet Oon’s Kitchen
“More young Singapore chefs who have a distinct voice and identity, which will add colour and vibrancy to the Singapore culinary scene.”

Justin Quek, chef of Sky On 57
“A return to basic, classic techniques like charcoal grilling and poaching – but with a new appreciation of simple sophistication that puts the limelight back on the natural flavours in ingredients used.”

Julien Royer, chef-owner of Odette
“Real food with real flavours. Trends and Instagrammable food, which come and go, might turn you into an overnight social media sensation.

But dishes that do not compromise on taste, and have an understanding of and respect for the integrity of quality ingredients, can only be achieved through years of hard work.”


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