A Dairy Success Story – Video

Their ice cream is so creamy and so tasty! Even for someone who will not spend so much on ice cream I can say I will never look at regular ice cream the same way again after tasting Carmen’s ice cream.

Since Carmen’s Best Ice Cream started operations, its profits grew 155 times, from Php19,283 in 2011 to Php3 million in 2015. Paco Magsaysay shares how he built his premium ice cream brand in this video.

This Video is Owned and Published By Entrepreneur Philippines

I always wondered why Carmen’s Best Ice Cream was becoming a craze in Manila, so when I went back to the Philippines, I made sure that I needed to taste this ice cream to know what the people were talking about. And when I finally bought one pint of this ice cream, it was jus heavenly!

I tasted one of their bestsellers: Butter Pecan

The Butter Pecan was really good. Upon opening the tub, there is a whole pecan on top that make it really tempting to eat. I thought the pecans were chopped or too little, but upon digging into the tub, there were a lot of whole pecans, I mean lots! Its seems like in every spoonful, there were chunks of pecans you can bite.

So the next day I ended up buying more flavors and In order to keep from eating all of it myself, I decided to invite some friends over to try it out with me,  basically I just opened them all up, threw some spoons in and told everyone to dig in and of course without a doubt or unsurprisingly they all loved it.

Their tubs are Php380 for a pint. Quite expensive, but your money won’t go to waste, for this treat is really delicious.

If you’re interested in trying some of Carmen’s Ice Cream’s super delicious flavors, you can visit their website to find a store near you.

Website – www.carmensbest.com

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