Worlds Best Restaurants

Restaurants have always played an essential role in the business, social, intellectual and artistic life of a thriving society. The major events of life, personal and professional, are celebrated in restaurants. Acquaintances become friends around a table in the safe and controlled environment of a restaurant. Individuals become lovers across a restaurant table, sometimes restaurants are more important than ever.

Worlds Best Restaurants

Restaurants have always played an essential role in the business, social, intellectual and artistic life of a thriving society. The major events of life, personal and professional, are celebrated in restaurants. Acquaintances become friends around a table in the safe and controlled environment of a restaurant. Individuals become lovers across a restaurant table, sometimes restaurants are more important than ever.




A meal served in the restaurant is not only about the food. It is also the extension of an ambiance where business-office meeting conveyed , a way to charm or even seduce a client. And a client’s tastes and preferences can be helpful in selecting the right restaurant.

Cooking at home has become less of a choice and more of a chore. With the large amount of ready meals available, the option of spending time in the kitchen becomes less and less appealing. People are spending more of their time and money in the world of fast foods and restaurants.

For those of you who are considering to start a restaurant business, this article is for you. Here are the list of top restaurants in the world; be inspired, get some insights and learn from this legends.




Eleven Madison Park – 11 Madison Avenue, New York 10010
Contact: +1 212 889 0905

Daniel Humm with chef de cuisine Dmitri Magi.

The iconic restaurant where hospitality and cuisine are elevated to art forms
It’s the perfect partnership of outstanding hospitality and exquisite food in an iconic setting in New York City that makes Eleven Madison Park the No.1 in The World’s 50 Best Restaurants. Co-owners Will Guidara and Daniel Humm have put their lives into breaking down the walls between dining room and kitchen, making sure the customer experience is harmonious from start to finish.

Swiss-born cook Daniel Humm started working in kitchens at the age of 14 and won his first Michelin star at 24. He became executive chef at Eleven Madison Park in 2006 when the restaurant was still owned by Danny Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group and in 2011 he and Guidara took over ownership. The pair now also oversee the food and beverage spaces at the NoMad hotels and have written several cookbooks together.


Massimo Bottura – Via Stella 22, 41121 Modena
Contact: +39 059 223912

A reinvention of Italian cuisine by a famously passionate chef.

Nestled down a cobbled street in peaceful Modena, Osteria Francescana is the gem of Italian gastronomy that rose to the top of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants last year in the hands of talented chef Massimo Bottura. But it could have been very different – in its early days, the restaurant almost closed after conservative locals were resistant to Bottura’s daring approach to cooking.

A poet, storyteller and artist as much as a cook, Bottura weaves narratives through his dishes, playing with traditions and experimenting with ingredients from the Emilia-Romagna region from whence he hails. Courses include the famous Five Ages of Parmigiano Reggiano, which takes the diner through the region’s esteemed cheese in different temperatures, textures and tastes, and The Crunchy Part of the Lasagna, Bottura’s reinvention of a corner of the classic Italian dish.
Bottura’s creations are heavily influenced by art and music (in particular, jazz), and the dining space is made up of three elegant rooms that are adorned with high-quality contemporary artwork.


Joan Roca – Calle Can Sunyer 48, 17007 Girona
Contact: +34 972 222 157

Where the Roca brothers combine technique with taste, experimentation with tranquility

Twice ranked No.1 in the world, El Celler de Can Roca is located in the medieval city of Girona in Catalunya, northern Spain. A decade ago, the Roca family moved the restaurant just up the road from its original location to its current site – an airy, purpose-built contemporary space complete with a huge kitchen.

The three brothers who own and run the restaurant are each global leaders in their respective fields – Joan as a chef, Josep as a sommelier and Jordi as a pâtissier – so their combined creativity is a force to behold. Their food is complex, incorporating cutting-edge techniques and multiple ingredients to create highly stylised plates, but dishes are also designed to evoke memories, emotions and the landscape of the region.

Fortunate diners will be invited to visit Josep Roca’s magical walk-in cellar, where his passion for various grapes and regions becomes evident. The wine list, and the fabled wine pairing, more than lives up to its reputation for variety, originality and, most of all, quality.

There are two: the shorter Classics menu of around seven courses (plus snacks) features established favourites such as ‘prawn with vinegar (head juice, crispy prawn legs, prawn velouté)’ and Jordi’s edible perfume desserts; the longer and ever-changing Feast offering comprises 14-plus courses. Highlights might include an opener of onion flower with comté cheese, cuttlefish with sake lees and black rice sauce, and charcoal-grilled lamb consommé.


Mauro Colagreco – 30 Avenue Aristide Briand, 06500 Menton
Contact: +33 4 92 41 86 86

Super-talented Argentine serves the freshest produce in his adopted French paradise
In a stunning location on the French side of the Riviera, just moments from the Italian border, Mirazur is an idyllic spot to enjoy the food of the skilled chef Mauro Colagreco, which takes inspiration from his Argentine-Italian heritage as well as the local French region.

Colagreco headed to France in 2001 as a newly qualified chef, working with Bernard Loiseau until his death in 2003. He then worked with 50 Best regulars Alain Passard at Arpège and Alain Ducasse at Hotel Plaza Athénée before spending a year at Le Grand Véfour. In 2006, he established Mirazur, earning his first Michelin star within a year and a second in 2012.

With ingredients coming from Colagreco’s own backyard farm and the market of Ventimiglia, diners can expect a feast of flavour some products from just-picked heirloom vegetables to sparklingly fresh seafood. Courses might include monk fish with topinambur puree and Piedmont hazelnuts, or anchovy fillets on fried anchovy skeletons with juice from Menton’s famous lemons. Colagreco’s signature of oyster with tapioca, shallot cream and pear is a modern classic in the making.


Virgilio Martínez and Pia León – Calle Santa Isabel 376, Miraflores, Lima
Contact: +51 1 242 8515

Latin America’s No.1 restaurant is a tour of Peru’s biodiversity.

In its three years as The Best Restaurant in Latin America, Central has been, well, central to Lima’s transformation into one of the globe’s must-visit dining destinations, while chef Virgilio Martínez has led a new generation of Peruvian cooks.

Still in his 30s, Martínez has achieved much for his country’s gastronomy in recent years, helping to promote Peruvian cuisine around the world and working with his sister Malena’s research project, Mater Iniciativa, to help discover and educate on local agriculture and ingredients. This year, as recognition for his tireless work, he was voted by his peers to win the Chefs’ Choice Award, sponsored by Estrella Damm.

An exploration of its country’s biodiversity, Central takes diners on a journey through every altitude, from 20 metres below sea level to 4,100 metres above it, in 17+ courses. The tasting menu is a reflection of Martínez and his sister’s research into ingredients in the Andes, the Amazon and the sea.

Diners can expect a colourful journey through Peruvian cuisine, taking in some better known dishes like ceviche while presenting many exotic fruits, vegetables and herbs that most customers won’t have heard of – let alone be able to pronounce. Courses on the Mater Elevations tasting menu include Spiders on a Rock with mussel, crab and abalone; Marine Soil with razor clams, sweet lemon, pepino and starflower; and Close Fishing, an octopus dish with yuyo, barquillo and squid.


Victor Arguinzoniz – Plaza de San Juan 1, 48291 Atxondo, Bizkaia
Contact: +34 946 58 30 42

A unique rural restaurant where everything on the menu is grilled to perfection.

A combination of skilful barbecuing techniques, the chef himself, the exquisite rural setting, the deeply unpretentious atmosphere of the restaurant and, of course, the food. Oh, the food.

Flavourful in the extreme. Dishes are relatively simple, relying on the quality of the super-fresh ingredients and the masterful grill cooking of chef-owner Victor Arguinzoniz. Some are merely licked by flames, others grilled over fierce heat, but all have a distinctive smokiness imbued by the carefully selected woods over which everything is cooked. The simplest plates – home-made chorizo, salted anchovy on toast, giant Palamos prawns, the legendary beef chop – are also the most outstanding.

Victor Arguinzoniz was born and raised in the farming community of Axpe, a tiny village nestled beneath mountains an hour’s drive southeast of Bilbao. When he bought the restaurant building in the centre of the village, he and his family rebuilt it entirely themselves. He is self-taught and has only ever worked in one kitchen – his own – where he designed and built his famous adjustable-height grills. He rarely leaves the restaurant except to tend to his farm animals, which supply many of the raw ingredients for his tasting menu.

It may be a globally acclaimed destination, but there are no airs and graces here. Downstairs is a simple bar, which effectively doubles as the village pub; upstairs there are two spacious beamed dining areas, the décor reflecting the rustic nature of the surrounds but mixed with elements of contemporary art. The room is overseen by the eccentric but wonderful maître d’ and sommelier Agusti Peris, who brings a natural charm and super-relaxed service style to proceedings. Moreover, aside from Saturday evenings, it is only open for lunch.


Gaggan Anand and Rydo Anton – 68/1 Soi Langsuan, Ploenchit Road, Lumpini, Bangkok 10330
Contact: +66 2 652 1700

A journey through modern Indian cuisine in 25 emojis.

There’s a reason why Gaggan has been named No.1 in Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants for three consecutive years and it’s all about reinvention and creativity. Chef Gaggan Anand has consistently transformed his tasting menu, developing conversation-starting dishes like the spherified Yoghurt Explosion and creating a dining experience that reflects the warmth of Thai hospitality in Bangkok.

Guests at Gaggan are initially given a list of 25 emojis so that each dish comes as a surprise. After a journey through ‘magic’ mushrooms, Indian sushi and sea urchin ice cream, they are finally presented with a written list of all the items they’ve consumed – a colourful collection of bites in quick succession over the course of two to three hours.

Last year saw a large extension of the restaurant with a state-of-the-art R&D kitchen and chef’s table, which is used primarily for pop-ups and collaborations. The glass-walled area overlooks another row of buildings, where Anand is building a series of new restaurants with some of his longstanding chefs from Gaggan.


Mitsuharu ‘Micha’ Tsumura – 399 San Martin Street, Miraflores, Lima
Contact: +51 1 447 7554

Peru’s No.1 Nikkei destination in a stylish setting.

Maido, meaning ‘welcome’ in Japanese, is the flagship restaurant of chef Mitsuharu ‘Micha’ Tsumura, serving an inventive tasting menu of Peruvian-Japanese bites alongside à la carte options and a classic sushi counter. In a stylish room decorated with coloured ropes in the formation of the Japanese flag, it’s a popular setting for business dinners and special occasions, as well as for destination diners looking to sample Lima’s best offerings.

A Lima-born Peruvian Nikkei, Tsumura was encouraged by his father to turn his passion for cooking into a profession and, after studying culinary arts in the US, he went to Japan to learn about his cultural and culinary heritage. Though he spent many months washing dishes, he learned vital knife skills and eventually how to cook rice and make sushi. He took a job at the Sheraton on returning to Lima and, some years later, opened Maido, which was rose to No.2 in Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants 2016.

Maido’s tasting menus are a colourful journey through Nikkei cuisine, with highlights including a fish hotdog, nigari from the catch of the day, dim sum with squid and sea snail cau-cau, and sea urchin rice.


Andoni Luis Aduriz – Aldura Aldea, 20, 20100 Errenteria, Gipuzkoa
Contact: +34 943 522 455

A powerhouse of creativity hidden in the green hinterlands of the Basque country.

Behind Mugaritz’s magic is Andoni Luis Aduriz, simply known as Andoni, is considered by many observers to be the natural heir to the title of Spain’s most pioneering chef after Ferran Adrià.

A meal takes place over 20 courses – several of them, if the weather is clement, served in the gorgeously appointed gardens around the restaurant. Basque cuisine often combines elements of the mountains and the sea, and so it is at Mugaritz where the menu might roam from oyster and young garlic omelette and pig tails and squid, via a crunchy “sandwich” of local cheese presented in a book, to a loin of lamb smoked over eucalyptus and served with “its cultivated wool”.


Heinz Reitbauer – Am Heuemarkt 2A/im Stadtpark, A-1030 Vienna
Contact: +43 713 31 68

Contemporary Austrian cooking in an equally ultra-modern setting.

It may, on paper, sound fairly traditional – family owned for generations, with a bias towards Austria’s rural Styrian region – but under the guidance of chef Heinz Reitbauer, Steirereck has become a byword for cutting-edge cooking rooted in the Austrian landscape.

Housed in a monolithic glass cube in Vienna’s Stadtpark, Steirereck’s design may be super-modern but the interior speaks a recognisable language of international fine dining. It’s a bright, tranquil vision of wood, concrete and starched white table linen.

Reitbauer’s signature says everything you need to know about his outlook, being equal parts culinary theater, precise technique and obvious reverence of local ingredients. The freshwater mountain fish, char, is cooked at the table in hot beeswax before being returned on a plate with yellow carrot, pollen and sour cream.


Beyond the basic purpose of restaurants to provide food and drink, restaurants have, historically, fulfilled a human need for connection and shaped social relations. In today’s busy world where leisure time has become more and more important, the less time spent working and preparing to eat allows us more available time for our pursuit of our leisure activities. 

For more Information about the Worlds Best Continental Restaurant Awards, The World’s 50 Best Restaurants and Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants – click link

People who do not have the ability, time or will to cook at home now only have to pick up the phone book or click on the Internet in order to find their local restaurant or fast food retailer that will be more than happy to deliver the freshly prepared hot food ready to eat straight to their door with minimum fuss.

If you want to discover restaurants by location, cuisine and to find deals with huge savings and every establishment’s rate or grading. Try these list of apps from google play store and apple app store:

  • Yelp iPhone/Android
  • Foursquare iPhone/Android
  • EAT24 – iPhone/Android
  • Urbanspoon – iPhone/Android
  • Zagat – iPhone/Android
  • OpenTable – iPhone/Android
  • LocalEats – iPhone/Android
  • DiningGrades – iPhone
  • Find. Eat. Drink. – iPhone
  • Restaurant Finder – Android

Definition of restaurant:

  • A place where people pay to sit and eat meals that are cooked and served on the premises – oxford dictionaries

Importance of Restaurant Hygiene

Hygiene is probably the second most important aspect of running a restaurant, coming second to food quality. … It could bring about disease or food poisoning to valued customers. Proper hygiene in the restaurant would help you gain trust from customers, boosting your chances for success.

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