10 Simple and Effective Ways on Time Management Without Freaking Out

10 Simple and Effective Ways on Time Management Without Freaking Out

1. Choose the simplest solutions.
You don’t have to get the best pen in the world just to do your assignment or paperwork. A pencil can already do the job. Sometimes simple things can do the trick. Follow similar ideology concerning everything else. Choose the simplest problem-solver!

2. Practice Maintenance.
This is in the context of everyday living. Practicing maintenance does not mean you have to be tech-savvy nor be the finest handyman. All you need is knowledge of keeping everything maintained and up-to-date. With that, nothing and no one can disturb your organized glory.

3. Capture Everything
Organized individuals capture everything- from events, ideas and even request from peers and it is done through getting a list. It is needed to avoid forgetting anything. If it is something with a particular deadline, recurring event or something of paramount importance, then you can capture it on your calendar. You can also use physical containers to place anything that is important but is not yet needed.

4. Find a place for each and everything.
Everything in your office or home should have its own home- an appropriate and consistent place where that stuff is commonly kept. So the next time you need anything, you can easily locate it and avoid spending too much time on a hide-and-seek game. Make sure to return everything in its place every after use.

5. Unwind
Stress is inevitable. Most of us suffer from it at one point or another. All you can do is to find ways to manage your stress effectively. Those who know how to efficiently handle their stress are able to stay organized and incredibly focus on the things they do.

The strategy you want to opt for doesn’t matter – may it be meditation, yoga, mindfulness, exercise. The important thing is for you to get support to manage your stress so it would not detract from your health and performance.

In the midst of hectic schedule, make sure to find time for yourself. This is important to regenerate your energy, regain enthusiasm and motivation to keep working towards your goal. Sometimes, getting too tired can slow down your drive to keep on moving forward.

6. Recognize energy management.
Energy management combines with time management will result into something quite extraordinary and might result in perfection. Some people have peak hours when they can do things at their best while there are hours when you feel you can’t think properly to carry out a particular task. For example, some students can memorize their lessons during midnights. Some have their most creative thoughts and clearest thinking after waking up in the morning.

Organized people know where their head is through the day and will charge the challenging task at times they know they have the highest energy point. This eliminates wasting your time when you are don’t have enough energy to do the challenging task.

7. Become a good decision maker.
Organized people know their options, take one and then stick with it without returning back just to know whether or not it’s the best option. Decision making process usually hinges an individual’s ability to prioritize or decide what to be done first.

A good decision maker can immediately decide of the things needed to be done and avoid spending too much time on the stage of making decisions.

8. Conscientiousness matters.
People, who are highly conscientious, are more likely to become achievement-oriented, efficient and self-disciplined. They also prefer planned activities rather than spontaneous ones. Nevertheless, since these traits are quite difficult to achieve and need time to develop, so take your time to develop this trait and keep learning about yourself.

9. Stay Well-Nourished
You need energy to finish everything on your to-do lists. You need to be healthy and fit so a eat proper diet, exercise and live a healthy lifestyle. It’s just a simple equation: What can you probably do without sufficient energy?

Staying well-nourished is the secret to finishing all of your tasks within your set time duration. If you feel sick, the things you can supposedly do within an hour may eat up more hours which compromises the subsequent task.

10. Leave room for last-minute changes in your ‘to-do’ list
You are doing fine with your everyday routine and are already half-way through. Suddenly, your best friend or perhaps your boss calls you up to discuss urgent matters.

Organized people know that there might be surprises along the way so leave some room for last-minute changes. They are somehow flexible but can still stick to what is important.


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