10 Ways to Keep Away from Any Distractions

Time is a resource you can never replenish and once it passed by it is gone forever. Just like money, you need to spend it wisely because how you spend each hour of your life can determine the success you can possibly achieve or may doomed you into failure. So if you want to be as successful as the prominent figures nowadays spending each minute with productivity in mind is a good place to start with.




The importance of learning how to be organized, kick procrastination on the butt and manage time efficiently extends to someone’s career success, personal life, and achievement of goals. With only 24-hours a day, time is indeed a finite and scarce resource. You may even find yourself promising to make the most of everyday or live every day as if it was your last. But sometimes, due to disruptive forces all around us we end up forgetting what we had said earlier.



Here are the ways to keep you away from any distractions:


1.Remove distractions. Distraction is also the reason you procrastinate, so for you to not get distracted while you are doing your work, it is better to work on the area where it is a right place for you to work and focus as well. For instance, if you are reviewing your note in the school, the best place to work is in the library or anywhere alone without tempting noise or distractions.

2. Listening to classical music while doing your work. According to some studies, it shows that listening to classical music is a way also to kick procrastination, thus can reduce stress, increase focus and help regulate good sleep patterns. Aside from that, it has been shown that those students who prefer to listened to this kind of music while reviewing or studying are possible to get high scored during the test or exam. In addition, this type of music can help you feel motivated and keep your focus on what you are doing. But of course, you have your way in studying, if you want just give it a try.

3. Have no fear and just do it! Believing in yourself can be a great way to kick Procrastination, thus give you keep you on doing your tasks or project. Before you start doing your work or task, kindly tell yourself that you are going to complete your work for five minutes straight. Thus, better help you to effectively manage your time for each task that assigns to you. The main reason for Procrastination is also because you are intimidated by assignments and projects that hang over your head. As what I have said, the longer you wait to do them, the scarier they become. Remember, if you start to do your projects as soon as possible, the more you likely to keep on going and finish it.

4. Turn off your device, especially your cell phone. Your cell phone may be your best friend as way to easily connecting with your friends, but sometimes it can be your worst enemy especially when it comes to focusing on your work or working efficiently. Why? For instance, when your cell phone rings while you are doing your project, for sure you will answer it, and thus is the reason why even a small project seems very hard to you. But if you practice to turn off your phone while doing your project, there is no possible distraction for you, thus help you keep on doing your project completely.

5. Having a positive outlook on doing the task. Having a positive outlook on doing your task will motivate you to give your best in completing the project. Instead of thinking on negative sides, why not ask yourself some questions that will motivate you like, what will I get from completing the task? How will I feel? What will happen? These are just some of the questions that you can ask.

6. Focus on the pain of not doing the task. There are times when you are procrastinating you are more on focusing on the pain of doing the project or task. Instead, change your focus by asking yourself yourself some related questions such as, how will I feel? What will happen? What will It cost me if I do not complete the task? With these questions you visualize the things that will happen if you do not do the task according to its requirements.

7. If possible, change your words, to change your thinking. Your words can also change the way you think. For example, instead of saying ‘’ I have to do this, simply say, ‘’ I choose to do this, or I get to do this, so you get your work the way you want it for better results as well.

8. As needed adjust your expectations. Lowering your expectations or standards to good/excellent rather than reducing the number of tasks you try to do in a day can best help you on track. Transforming your mindset can help you also build intrinsic motivation for extrinsically impose task that are given to you.

9. Find your optimum level of energy. No matter your level of procrastination is; the underlying factor is physiological arousal. If your level of energy is too high, practice some way of breathing to calm yourself before you start your work.

10. Lastly, understand your type of Procrastination. Describe which type’s procrastinators you feel, once you already know it, think of some possible way for you to break it, so you know how you will focus on your work.


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